Weekly assignments

The course has small weekly assignments, that you are required to submit before the deadline in teams of (max.) two persons. For each weekly assignment, I will select a random sample of the submissions and grade that sample (the exact sample size depends on enrollment). These weekly assignments form 40% of your final grade.

The course will be concluded by a larger programming project that counts for 60% of the grade.

Your final grade will consist of:

Weekly assignments 40%
Project 60%


The following basic rules apply the assignments:

  1. Assignments are competed in teams of max. 2 persons.
  2. Assignments that are not handed in timely are graded 0/100. If you are ill, present a note from the doctor before the deadline.
  3. If your code does not compile due to errors in your code, your assignment gets the grade 0/100.
  4. Code is graded for correctness and style.
  5. Please run cargo fmt and cargo clean before submitting the code.

You are encouraged to help one another in this course. We all need a little help sometimes and you can also learn quite a bit from helping others. However, there is a point where getting help turns into plagiarism. The code that you submit, must be your own team’s code. Cases of plagiarism will be reported to the faculty.

Things you are not allowed to do:


Please send your submission by the means indicated in the assignment, not directly to my university address!

Your (modified) source files contain the following header:

// Course:      Efficient Linear Algebra and Machine Learning
// Assignment:  (Enter the assignment, "lab 1, exercise 1", for example)
// Author:      (Enter the full names of your team members)
// Honor Code:  I pledge that this program represents my own work.

Grade scale

This grade scale will be used to convert the weighted scores to a final letter grade.