Assignment: Project preparation


This course is concluded by a project. In this assignment, you will pick your project topic and make a small presentation of your topic proposal.

Project workload

The course project must be done alone or in teams of two persons. The project should match to the following amount of work (per person):

Project topics

The project should result in a documented Rust crate with documentation and unit tests. The crate must implement a library or program that solves some task related to computational linguistics or machine learning. Besides these basic requirements, you are free to explore any topic you are interested in.

I encourage you to come up with your own topics, but I list five example project topics here for inspiration:

Another possibility would be to take an existing widely-used Rust program or library and adding a feature that is missing.

The assignment

Make a presentation of four slides with the following content:

  1. A title slide that also lists the team member(s).
  2. A description of the goal of the project (what does it implement).
  3. A description of the perceived difficult parts of the project.
  4. A discription of third-party crates that you could use in the project (what does it do, how does it fit in the project).

Every team shoul present their slides to get feedback from me and your colleagues. However, it is not really feasible to let ~20 teams present. So, I would like to do a `poster session’ on July 12:

To avoid unnecessary dead trees, you can use your laptop and prepared slides as your poster.

Participation in the poster session as a team is obligatory, absense (without a good reason) results in a grade of 0 points for this assignment.


Submit your slides in PDF format through this page. The deadline is July 10 at 14:00.